From stunning professional photography to social media management or something bespoke, discover your perfect marketing solution.


High-quality professional photography for your website or printed materials.

Website Development

Get a fully-optimised Wordpress site for your business. I can even show you how to make the most of it to attract customers.

Social Media

No time to manage your social accounts? I can help you set up and manage accounts across multiple platforms.

Content Creation

Professional, high-converting copy for your website, blog or printed materials.

Search Engine Marketing

Want to harness the power of Google AdWords but not sure where to start? I can help you set up and monitor your account.


Not sure where to start? Request an end-to-end Digital Marketing consultation with a free actionable report.


Marketing your small business can be confusing. Suddenly there’s this whole world of websites, social media, search engine marketing and blog posts to maintain when there’s only just enough time in the day to run your business in the first place. You just want to do what you’re good at and share it with your customers.

I live and breathe marketing. I do in-house marketing for a small business-to-business services organisation as my day job and then come home and promote my style & beauty blog and YouTube channel. I love marketing. So I got thinking, isn’t there a way we could help each other?


Meet Kathryn

Kathryn Monkcom

Kathryn Monkcom

Marketer, Blogger, Vlogger and Social Talent

Kathryn is a Level 3 Certified Marketer, currently working towards her Level 4 Certification. She loves the combination of tech and design in Digital Marketing and is always looking to push creative boundaries.

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